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Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and

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Ladies, you GOTTA go to and check it out!  It’s an online magazine dedicated to providing a voice for African Americans…and it was just launched on Monday by Washington Post Newsweek Interactive.  Henry Louis Gates, Jr. from Harvard is the Editor in Chief, so you can’t go wrong here.  The Root will highlight Black commentary on various issues and appears that it will contain a high level of critical analysis…I’m thinking we can never get enough of this!  There is also a segment of the site that is focused on tracing your roots.  Let’s see how this pans out…I’ll be on the site regularly over the next few weeks and will give an update at some point.  I’m optimistic! 


Essence’s 1st Annual Black (Super)Women in Hollywood Luncheon to Honor Ruby Dee

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On Thursday, February 21st, Essence will honor Ruby Dee at it’s First Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon.  Ruby Dee won the SAG award for Best Supporting Actress in “American Gangster,” and has also received an Oscar nomination for the same role.

The luncheon will honor Black Superwomen in Hollywood in hopes of inspiring us to continue to pursue and excel in careers in entertainment in front of as well as behind the camera.  Other honorees include Jada Pinkett Smith and Suzanne DePasse.  All three of them are Black Superwomen that are doing their thing!  Ruby Dee, bring home that Oscar!

Supporting Our Sisters in the Service

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“Sisterfriends,” a book club in Los Angeles,  has adopted about 40 service women in Iraq!  They found the sisters through, where you can find care package wish lists from soldiers.  After realizing that the special needs of our sister soliders weren’t being met, they prepared boxes for our sisters containing Black hair care products, Black magazines, and other items that our sisters may need while serving our country. 

Take some time to check out, get your community group or even just get your girlfriends together, and send our sisters some stuff!

BSW’s Are Rockin’ The Kiehl’s Lip Gloss!

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Not sure if you have explored the Kiehl’s line yet, but they have some SERIOUS lip gloss that is super moisturizing and not sticky at all!  I like the Icy Everest which is a light pink but looks like a sheer gloss with a little shimmer when it’s applied..and it looks great with all skin complexions.  Also try the Berry, Black Raspberry and Goldenberry…you can’t go wrong with any of these!

The “P”: The Black Superman’s Kryptonite, Kwame Style!

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Courtesy of John T. Greilick / The Detroit News

What makes a Black married man that is Mayor of a major city in the United States, stand up in front of the grand jury and lie about having an intimate relationship with his chief of staff (that is NOT his wife), only to be found to have lied later when sexual text messages emerge?  You got it….the “P”.  The Black Superman’s kryptonite!

What was your boy Kwame thinking about?  The messages are definitely extra.  Check out the article in the Detroit News for details.  I mean, we knew he was a freak and there is nothing wrong with that…but aren’t you smart enough to know that your text messages can be retrieved?  You are married and the mayor of a major city for God’s sake!  The text messages insinuating the intimate relationship with the chief of staff are only the half…there are also messages discussing their intent to fire an employee, which was the subject of the whistleblowing case and Kilpatrick had testified under oath that there was no prior intent to fire him.   Needless to say, taxpayers in Detroit are HOT because they are paying for the court costs and the settlement in the amount of 9 million!!  Oh, the “P”…the “P”…kryptonite at its best!  Ladies, know your power and own it! But just don’t use it for evil…capiche?

BSW’s Are Rockin’ The Bob!

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Yeah, the Bob is back!  I know I’ve rocked one on and off since the late 80’s, but it wasn’t until 07 when Rihanna came back on the scene with the fresh asymmetrical that BSW’s started rockin’ it again HARD.  Yeah, Victoria Beckham and Jenny McCarthy probably had them before Rihanna…but they weren’t as extreme as Rihanna’s and weren’t as inspirational.  BSW’s and our snow bunny sisters are all back to the Bob!  I love it! 

Roe v. Wade…How Is The Choice Serving Black Women?

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from Women’s Liberation Movement on line archival collection, Duke University

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized aborition for any reason a woman chooses up through the point of a viable fetus.  I’m pro-choice, but I’m definitely wondering why the stats say that even though Black women are only 13% of the population, we have 35% of the abortions performed in our country each year.  Since 1973, THIRTEEN MILLION Black children have been aborted, now approximately at a rate of 12oo per day!

We definitely need a choice, but we need to exercise that right wisely.  What in the hell is going on with us?  Other women are having abortions, it’s not just us…but d*mn, can y’all use some condoms?  I mean, the abortion rate and the Aids rate are disproportionately high for Black women…we are killing our children and killing ourselves.  I know that there are a lot of other factors that play into both, but we have to at least be responsible for our own actions and our well being.  Maybe that means sleeping with “the rabbit” instead of the man every now and then…it’s definitely safer on both fronts!