Are Black Supermodels Getting Dissed?

Photo courtesy of Christopher Peterson

I just read a very interesting article by Ann Bratskier in Newsday.   Turns out that Black Supermodels have been virtually absent from the runways…most recently at Fashion Week in NYC.  Out of all the fashion shows, about only 1/3 had Black models, and of those some only had ONE!  Designers have been turning to very skinny primarily blond models, which leaves us out. 

Bethann Hardison (Dwayne Wayne’s Mom in real life), who is a Black Superwoman and former Black Supermodel, has organized a few panel discussions where fashion industry professionals talked about the lack of Black models on the runway, and even brought to light to the lack of other minorities on the runway as well.

If the designers don’t know, their consumer base is diverse and they should really try to maintain some diversity in their fashion shows lest they lose their minority customers!  


7 Responses to “Are Black Supermodels Getting Dissed?”

  1. This trend does not really bother me — I am more concerned with why Black people are overly consumed with an industry that does not want to have anything to do with black culture. As Black people we need to ask ourselves why should we care or support an industry (when our money should be used for more useful things) that tells us we are not beautiful. If anything – we should all take it as a sign that the $2,000 purse or the $1,000 boots are a bad investment and we should take that money and open a mutual fund.

  2. We are only 30 + years past the Civil Rights movement. Whites are famous for including us until their use for us has worn out. Once they notice a lack of interest from us they will back. Which is why we should not bother with them and instead we should create our own and stop depending on them or looking for acceptance from them. THEY DO NOT VALIDATE WHO WE ARE!!!

  3. I am appalled and extremely angry how Black women are treated by today’s American society. Black women are truly the most beautiful and sexy, and make superb wives and mothers. The abundance of tremendously-ethereal ebony goddesses that enchant the American public should NEVER be overshadowed by mediocre (and overly-cosmetized) White women. As a highly-decorated Persian Gulf War veteran (’91 era), I have little pride in a nation that is so ruthlessly, heartlessly, and monstrously remains in a prejudicial mindset where Black women are left off of covers of major magazines, and not plastered on the television and movies like they SHOULD BE. It is time to WAKE-UP, America. Pull your head out of your butts and get into the 21st Century!!!

  4. FashionMishap Says:

    To Missy

    What are you talking about? Of course Black people should worry
    This isn’t White America anymore there needs to be diversity
    I mean if I were to go to a fashion show why would I want to see one race why not mix it up a bit. Black is beautiful! get used to it.

  5. I am an inspiring african model who is really pissed off at what Missy said…IT not that we should be ignored because the fashion industry isn’t ours …Black models and people have nothing we always had to fight to get what we need if black models give up on there dreams to be models because designers thing “white bitch blond hair models are in ” then they are wrong last time i checked fashion is suppose to be an open field of diversity and creative and racism and stereotyping shouldn’t be included.I am upset at how black models are being pushed off to the side because “white” designers and photographers think they can’t use our colours.What is the difference between being black and white…and if you don’t like black so much as a colour why do designers and photographers use the black .This is 2008 going to 2009 they should start opening there eyes and where are black all the black designers in the fashion industry why aren’t they speaking out and stating a statement by using black models?

  6. currently maybe because of the “obama effect” we tend to see more black models in fashion event , is it going to last long ,,,??? i really hope so !

  7. This is to Missy, first of all if it is something we, as black women and men love, we should be able to love it without being discriminated against. I can not believe you would encourage black people to not do what we love because other people think we are not beautiful. You are horrible, for your train of thought.

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