Obama Wouldn’t Be the First Black Superman in the White House

David and Ida Eisenhower, Parents of President Dwight Eisenhower

With Barack Obama doing so well in the primaries, we are starting to wonder what it would be like to have a Black President and a Black First Lady in the White House.  Well, they may not be the first!

The picture above is of David and Ida Eisenhower, the parents of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Ida was rumored to have Black ancestry.  Eisenhower, along with 5 other US Presidents are rumored to have been Black…Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding, and Calvin Coolidge.  [Pittsburg Post Gazette

Not that you can always tell someone’s race by how they look, but based on the photo, Ida sure does look like a Black Superwoman to me!


13 Responses to “Obama Wouldn’t Be the First Black Superman in the White House”

  1. Ida looks like one of my cousins.

  2. Yep people just don’t know…….This stuff is more common than folks realize….


  4. Blackie Says:

    Gives brand new meaning to that joke postcard called “Ike and Tina” (showing Eisenhower w/Tina Turner)! I guess I can’t call him “Dwightey” no more! Also, methinks Clinton got hit w/ a bit of the tarbrush–his mama looked downright Hispanic and had damn near an Afro; his daughter resembles a young Lena Horne.

  5. Blackie Says:

    And–Halle Berry could play Eisenhower’s mama in a movie.

  6. the man Says:

    I don’t think she’s all black at all…50/50 at best. Hate to bring the rain, but first this pic is almost the only one out there of Ida, and it’s vague and inconclusive like all the UFO pics you see…then the only other pic I found of when she was very old Ida looked 100% white. So Obama would still be the first (half)black president if he wins. Come on, keep credit in it’s proper place, b/c if everyone’s so excited about having the first black president, they’re jumping at the chance to say a president with a white mother is the first black president. What about however long down the road when we have the first 100% black president?

  7. THE MAN:

    What you fail to realize is that that’s precisely the idea of passing, to be considered White. Blacks come in a variety of shades. The woman is Black.

  8. Isis – your unqualified declaration that “the woman is Black” unfortunately seems to embrace our historic “one-drop” approach to racial identification. One-drop is a fundamentally racist concoction invented by slavers designed to dehumanize its subjects so they could be deemed chattel. It is a sad shame that even today, educated and enlightened persons of African descent actually choose this appellation. If anyone wants to self-identify as Black, or anything else, that is a choice one can make, based on what they see in the mirror and how they wish to be identified. But to voluntarily submit to doctrinaire slave-think is, I believe, the ultimate in self-loathing.

  9. Kurt Stover Says:

    Trust me she was 1/4 black and the sister to my great, great, great grandfather….which makes me 1/64th black…so armed with that information, I can gladly go out and purchase a soda for $1.50 with …well….a buck fifty.

    • Timothy Xavier Smith Says:

      Which brother? I’m curious. I’m a descendant of Ida Stover’s brother, Joseph Stover.

  10. I think she does look black…mixed that is. I can see it quite clearly

  11. hitler tried to expose this prior to the normandy invasion in hopes of distroying the moral of the allies. but was intercepted by the secret service? at that time…winston chruchill’s ancestry was included as well but silenced prior to the invasion. a little but well known historical fact from the ww2 archives…

  12. hitler tried to expose this prior to the normandy invasion in ww2 in the hopes that it would affect the morale of the allied troops but the information was intercepted and passed as a rumor. the same was attempted with winston churchill’s ancestry. it too was intercepted. i can only imagine how the 2nd world war would’ve turned out if the white soldiers realized their commander in chief was black. another what if for historians to ponder…see riots in new jersey for reaction to blacks being put to work to help with the war efforts c.1943-44

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