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Is Inequality Making BSW’s Sick?

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Unnatural Causes - Documentary on PBS

“Unnatural Causes” is a four part documentary that examines inequality in wealth, geography, race and other social differences that may have some causal relationship to poor health.  One part of the documentary focuses on Black women having premature babies at a rate that is twice that of White women. They study noted that since the normal factors that lessen the likelihood of premature babies (mom in great health, high quality of life, wealth, etc.) don’t decrease the numbers much  for Black women, race must be a factor.  They essentially concluded that the racist treatment of Black women puts stress on our auto immune system, which increases our chance for having premature babies.  Not sure if they said it that plainly, but I will.  The documentary will be on PBS this week…check local listings or times or go to  Also, check out the documentary website at   


King James or King Kong??

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Yo, folks are wildin’ over this cover!  Vogue decided to feature some top athletes with models in their shape issue, and Lebron, of course, was one of their choices.  I don’t think anyone takes issue with that..he is definitely one of the best.  They do, however, take issue with the actual photo that was chosen for the cover.  Lebron looking like a big, wild, growling beast, and Giselle, the blond haired white princess in his arms…it’s SO KING KONG!  Wonder why the other photo of them in the magazine was not chosen for the cover?  We wouldn’t be making such a big deal if it was.  I mean, Lebron is in fact the ONLY African American male that has EVER graced the cover of Vogue!  Why does he have to be an animal? []

Halle is a Mommy!

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Halle Berry

Halle Berry and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey had a baby girl this past Sunday.  They named her Nahla Ariela, Nahla meaning “honeybee” in Arabic, and Ariela meaning “lioness of God” in Hebrew.  Halle and baby are doing well.  How can you not love you some Halle?!

Our Sisters Are Bleaching Their Skin

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Skin Bleaching Advertisement

All over the world, there are Black men and women that are bleaching their skin! It may sound kind of strange because we aren’t really doing it here in the States (unless we have some kind of blemish our something).  Well, in other countries,primarily in the Caribbean and other islands and in Africa, skin bleach is a BIG business!  There are brothers and sisters walking around with white faces and black necks, hands, and bodies.  The bleach is damaging to the skin, and many have sores and craters in their faces.  Most are clear about why they bleach…”only light skinned people are successful and desired.”  Oh…I didn’t know.  Hopefully one day we will love ourselves in our Black skin and this bleaching nonsense will cease! Here are a couple of articles I found about the skin bleaching phenomenon in Jamaica….[Jamaica Gleaner] []

Men of ALL Races Subconciously Prefer Lighter Women?!!

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Thandie Newton

Supposedly, a study done at the University of Toronto showed that men of all races subconsciously preferred lighter women, and women of all races preferred darker men.  They determined that aesthetic preferences reflected moral preferences…because men equated lighter skinned women with innocence and purity, and women equated darker skinned men with virility and mystery.   Not sure if this is true or not, but it’s not good for BSW’s, cuz we’re no longer the only options.  I’m thinking it’s best that we not think about this! [The Independent] [Telegraph

Smithsonian’s “Freedom’s Sisters” Honors Black Superwomen!

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Coretta Scott King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Constance Baker Motley

The Smithsonian Institute has just started a traveling exhibit entitled “Freedom’s Sisters,” which honors 20 African American women that fought for civil rights.  It’s currently in Cincinnatti, but will go to 8 other cities.  The honorees are:  Ella Jo Baker, Mary McLeod Bethune, Shirley Chisholm, Septima Poinsette Clark, Kathleen Cleaver, Myrlie Evers-Williams, Fannie Lou Hamer, Frances Watkins Harper, Dorothy Height, Charlayne Hunter-Gault, Barbar Jordan, Coretta Scott King, Constance Baker Motley, Rosa Parks, Sonia Sanchez, Betty Shabazz, Mary Church Terrell, Harriet Tubman, C. Delores Tucker, and Ida B. Wells-Barnett.  Check here for exhibit info…and make sure that you don’t miss it!

BSW’s Please Pray for Remy

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Rapper and hip hop diva Remy Ma, who usually has one blond streak in the front of her head though not on this photo, is on trial for first degree assualt for allegedly shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph, her long time friend.  Supposedly, they were at a party together, Remy discovered $2k was missing from her purse, and she thought Joseph stole it.  Joseph got shot in her car, and two witnesses said they saw Remy going to the car with a pistol and leaving after the shots.  If she shot this woman, what in the hell was she thinking?  If she’s found guilty, she may get up to 25 years in prison!  Pray for Joseph..she has fully recovered but probably still has some issues.  Pray for Remy…she may be doing some serious time! [SOHH]