“Angels Can’t Help But Laugh”: Documentary about BSW’s in Hollywood

Terri Vaughn, along with Cas Sigers, has produced  a documentary about Black actresses in Hollywood entitled “Angels Can’t Help But Laugh.”  The documentary features Black actresses including Regina King, Tichina Arnold, Meagan Good, Jasmine Guy, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Wendy Racquel Robinson, Vanessa Williams and countless other Black actresses talking about racism that they have experienced in Hollywood.  The documentary specifically addresses the limited and mostly negative images of Black women on television and in film.  Vaughn made the documentary to give Black actresses the ability to exercise their voice and ask that Hollywood listen.  Check out the trailer above.


3 Responses to ““Angels Can’t Help But Laugh”: Documentary about BSW’s in Hollywood”

  1. deandra jacobs Says:

    Hi Terri i was able to view your documentary during my stay in Las Vegas and i must say it brought tear to my eye’s. I always looked at actresses as if they had it all. After veiwing your piece on black actress and the industry i have a different feeling about them. The industry is still stuck in time (if you know what i mean), and you ladies are the Bomb. Keep up the good work. Congrad’s to you and your husband. Welcome to motherhood it is truly a blessing and a precious gift from GOD. Do your best and when times get tough just pray. One of LaVida’s biggest fans.( i had to sneak that one in)

  2. I would love to see the documentary Angels Can’t Help But Laugh but can’t find it. I would appreciate it if someone would give me and I’m sure others information as to where we can see the movie. Thanks for your help.

    • I’m trying to find it as well. The website is no longer working. Please let people know how to get this – at least on the facebook page.

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