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Barbie Bandits Prompt NAACP to Challenge Racial Disparity in Sentencing

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Courtesy of Cobb County

In February of 2007, these two young White women that have come to be known as the “Barbie Bandits” committed a bank robbery in Cobb County, Georgia.  Heather Johston, 19, and Ashley Miller, 20, were convicted of the bank robbery along with Benny Allen, a Black man that was the teller in the bank, and Michael Chastang, who was not present but supposedly helped plan the robbery.  Based on the disparity in the sentences, the NAACP believes that it’s time to address the lighter sentences that are afforded White people in comparison to African Americans that commit the same crime in Cobb County.

At sentencing, Johnston received 10 years probation and Miller received 2 years in jail and 8 years probation.  Allen received 5 years in prison, and Chastang received 10 years in prison.   Clearly there is a disparity…so I’m guessing that being young, White, and smiling and giggling when you rob a bank may cop you a break! [Atlanta Journal Constitution]


Shot gun?

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So, Beyonce and Jay Z supposedly got married last Friday in Jay Z’s New York City penthouse apartment!  In an apartment?  This must have been last minute, and it appears to be a possible shot gun wedding!  I hear B has a 4 million dollar ring on her finger, and may possibly be trying to hide a baby bump.  Is lil’ Jay B already on the way?!!

Either way, you know we love BLACK LOVE!