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All Black Issue of Italian Vogue?!!!

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This week, an ALL BLACK issue of Italian Vogue will hit the newstands!!!  Tired of Black women being discriminated against on the runway and in fashion magazines, Franca Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue, decided to take action…and published an issue with ALL Black models and Black themed editorials!!  The cover is a four page pull out featuring Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn, and Naomi Campbell (above).  Photographer Steven Meisel, who also expressed disappointment in how Black women are treated in the fashion industry, was given about 100 pages to fill with Black models…and he filled them with the likes of Veronica Webb, Tyra Banks, and many others…inluding America’s Next Top Model cast member and plus sized model Toccara Jones!  If you run across a copy, you should buy it…this WILL be a collector’s item! [NY Times]

Check out the NY Times slideshow of Black models here.

**Update:  I just called a well known bookstore in NYC called Rizzoli’s and had them ship me a copy.  If you can’t find it in your local bookstore, I suggest you try a non-chain bookstore in NYC!


Floretta Jones One of 100 AA Women in the US with a Doctorate in Biology

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Floretta Jones received her Doctorate in Biology from the University of Texas San Antonio.  She is one of 100 African American women in the United States with such a degree.  While receiving her Doctorate, she wrote her dissertation on the dentate gyrus of the hippocampal formation, which deals with the brain.  Originally from San Antonio, she hopes to take her doctorate and become a congressional fellow in Washington, DC.  Go Floretta!!!!!  [Article]

Michelle Obama Is A “Baby Mama”?

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Michelle Obama got attacked by the media last week…and of course, it was our “friends” at Fox News leading the way.  By continuously calling our girl Michelle a “baby mama, ” they have once again disrespected Michelle, disrespected Black women, and shown how racist and out of touch they are.  Since Michelle is married, she doesn’t quite fit the “baby mama” title, and how dare they even try to use racist stereotypes against our future first lady?  As my friend Kari said, I’m just sick and tired of them even trying to use our lingo to sound cool while race bashing.  Fox News, give it a rest!

E.D. Hill of Fox News also called the fist tap between Michelle and Barack before he did the speech where he declared that he was the presumptive democratic nominee a “Terrorist Fist Jab”.  Lady, SHUT UP!  It’s giving dap…it can take the form of a fist tap, a hand slap, a high five…it’s no different from the giving dap that regular people do on a daily basis…it has nothing to do with terrorism.  Do you even watch television? Are you so out of touch that you didn’t know, or is this just another way to equate Michelle and Barack with Islam and terrorism? 

Michelle is supposed to be co-hosting an episode of “The View” this week. I can’t wait to see what she says!  Also, go to  It’s a site that Obama’s folks put up to dispell the rumors and lies that are being put out to rip Obama. [SF GATE]

Yves Saint Laurent Broke Color Barriers in Fashion

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Naomi modeling YSL in 2002

Yves Saint Laurent passed away earlier this week reportedly from a brain tumor.  According to Naomi Campbell, he was instrumental in breaking color barriers in fashion.  He was one of the first designers to put women of color on the runway, having given Naomi one of her first  opportunities as a model.  Naomi said that when she told him French Vogue would never put a Black girl on the cover, he told her he would handle it…and Naomi got her first French Vogue cover because of him.  Naomi called him the King of Fashion.  It’s a wonder that Black women are still struggling in the fashion industry.  Everyone is not as progressive as Laurent.  His legacy will not be forgotten. [AFP]

Finally Some Color on Sex and the City?!!

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Jennifer Hudson as \"Louise\" from Sex and the City

The long awaited opening of “Sex and the City” was yesterday, and of course I went to see it with my girlfriends!  It was completely delightful, except for Carrie marrying Big at the end and the addition of a Black female character, Jennifer Hudson, playing Carrie’s Assistant.  Regarding Carrie marrying Big, I know…I’m an ass!!  I thought they should have just lived together after all the drama.  How long will it be before he disappoints her again? Regarding Hudson, Stephanie Zachareck said it all in her movie review in Salon Arts & Communication: 

“The writing doesn’t serve Parker particularly well, either. Because Carrie is a very busy, very successful, but very disorganized New York writer, she decides she needs an assistant. The woman she hires, Louise (Jennifer Hudson, who gives a likable, openhearted performance), turns out to be a godsend to her. I’m sure the intention was to add a nonwhite character to the mix, and that’s not a bad impulse — especially if you were to imagine a smart, capable, witty black woman holding her own at the brunch table. (Not to mention the fact that even a fantasy vision of New York with so few characters of color is, in 2008, simply incomprehensible.)

But why make your only adult character of color a wise, capable servant girl? Carrie spends too much time beaming magnanimously at Louise. The effect, unintentional but not dismissible, is a kind of “Mammy, what would I ever do without you?” superiority. (Carrie also gives Louise, as a gift, one of the most hideous bags this side of colostomy paraphernalia.)” [Salon Arts and Entertainment]

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

It seems to me that if the writers weren’t afraid of actually adding a Black female character that could really fit into the mix, it would have been a Joan-esqe character a la Girlfriends!  Why couldn’t she have fabulous clothes, bags and shoes and fit into the friend group?  She could have been either Carrie’s editor, publisher, next door neighbor…she didn’t have to be her “assistant,” did she?  For real, Joan’s style and gear may quietly give Carrie a run for her money!!!  On second thought, that may have been too much!


Tyra Asks, “Where Are All the Good Black Men?”

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I LOVE the Tyra Show!!! And since I’m no longer in my 20’s, I am constantly getting flack from my girlfriends about tivo’ing it daily.  What they don’t know is that the Tyra Show may be for young girls, but Tyra covers issues that are important to grown *ss Black women, too!  A few months ago, she did a show entitled “Black Women:  State of the Union”.  You mean SOMEONE cares enough to talk about what’s going on with us?  That’s what I’m talking about!

When I got back from Germany, I went straight to the tivo to check Tyra and she had a show on May 23rd entitled “Where are all the good Black men?”!!!!  I was SICED!  The coverage of the topic was broad and the analysis was not that deep since the targeted audience is 18-24.  The guests were of course extremists, with a Black man that said what is wrong with Black women is that they are not white; a Black woman that said all Black men are liars, cheaters, have too many kids out of wedlock and don’t take care of their responsibilities, and a White man that loves Black women and said Black men can’t deal with our strength.  All were ridiculous, but the audience and her panel of good Black men, including Finesse Mitchell, broke it down.  The main answer to the big question is that they exist, but we can’t identify them and are looking at the wrong men.  One guy in the audience said you can’t say you will only date Tupac with a Harvard education because you will be limiting yourself.  Sounds pretty accurate to me (though I do know some Ivy Leaguers that would fit the bill…they are seriously few and far between). 

Looking for the good Black men?  They’re out here…just be open to finding them in different packages.  *I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m saying settle…UGH!     

Gabrielle Union to Join Susan G. Komen’s “Circle of Promise”

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Did you know that African American women with breast cancer have a 36% higher mortality rate than white women?  Susan G. Komen for the Cure started the “Circle of Promise” (, an initiative lead by prominent African American women, to educate and engage African American women about the disease.  On May 29, 2008, they announced that Gabrielle Union, Lalah Hathaway, and Synthia Saint James will become National Ambassabors for the Circle of Promise, joining Xernona Clayton, Patti Labelle, Rene Syler and others.  [PR Newswire]