Finally Some Color on Sex and the City?!!

Jennifer Hudson as \"Louise\" from Sex and the City

The long awaited opening of “Sex and the City” was yesterday, and of course I went to see it with my girlfriends!  It was completely delightful, except for Carrie marrying Big at the end and the addition of a Black female character, Jennifer Hudson, playing Carrie’s Assistant.  Regarding Carrie marrying Big, I know…I’m an ass!!  I thought they should have just lived together after all the drama.  How long will it be before he disappoints her again? Regarding Hudson, Stephanie Zachareck said it all in her movie review in Salon Arts & Communication: 

“The writing doesn’t serve Parker particularly well, either. Because Carrie is a very busy, very successful, but very disorganized New York writer, she decides she needs an assistant. The woman she hires, Louise (Jennifer Hudson, who gives a likable, openhearted performance), turns out to be a godsend to her. I’m sure the intention was to add a nonwhite character to the mix, and that’s not a bad impulse — especially if you were to imagine a smart, capable, witty black woman holding her own at the brunch table. (Not to mention the fact that even a fantasy vision of New York with so few characters of color is, in 2008, simply incomprehensible.)

But why make your only adult character of color a wise, capable servant girl? Carrie spends too much time beaming magnanimously at Louise. The effect, unintentional but not dismissible, is a kind of “Mammy, what would I ever do without you?” superiority. (Carrie also gives Louise, as a gift, one of the most hideous bags this side of colostomy paraphernalia.)” [Salon Arts and Entertainment]

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

It seems to me that if the writers weren’t afraid of actually adding a Black female character that could really fit into the mix, it would have been a Joan-esqe character a la Girlfriends!  Why couldn’t she have fabulous clothes, bags and shoes and fit into the friend group?  She could have been either Carrie’s editor, publisher, next door neighbor…she didn’t have to be her “assistant,” did she?  For real, Joan’s style and gear may quietly give Carrie a run for her money!!!  On second thought, that may have been too much!



4 Responses to “Finally Some Color on Sex and the City?!!”

  1. patriciamia Says:

    I agree with you completely! Even if Louise’s character is in her twenties and never gets to be part of the Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte group I expected her to be part of the new generation of successful NYC women that replaces them. No such luck. She gets sent right back to St. Louis. All disappointing.

  2. Agreed. I was saying in the review on my blog how J-Hud’s role was the worst part of the movie. It was really insulting. I’m soooo glad they didn’t do that crap on the show.

  3. Sammiesweet Says:

    This comment is super late, but I totally agree. I love J.Hud, but I couldn’t stand this character portrayal. There are a ton of sexy savvy brown girls in New York. Hey even bring in a few from Philadelphia. I love SITC but it really pisses me off that they never have any brown characters. At least they did have Blair Underwood on there at one point. Maybe super hot brown girls are intimidating?

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