Black Men Against R. Kelly and the Exploitation of Black Women

R. Kelly, who many of us saw on the infamous “tape” having sex with a young girl so young she had no pubic hair, was acquitted of child pornography in Cook County, Illinois by a jury of his “peers”.  Not sure why he was acquitted, but I think it was because they couldn’t be certain that the young lady was the lady on the tape and she refused to testitfy…but Kelly is now roaming free to victimize someone else’s child.  African Americans are not too pleased about this, but we are still partying and stepping to every R. Kelly song when it is played in a party and are still buying his music (which is some of the best soul music of all time I might add)!!  I had to declare once the tape came out that I would NEVER buy his music again…and over the years, people have slipped me burned copies of CDs so I could still have some jams.  That stops NOW.

A group of Black male writers, including Kevin Powell and William Jelani Cobb, decided it was time to take a stand and started a petition against the exploitation of Black women.  By signing the petition, Black men state their disdain for the R.Kelly acquittal and how Black women are treated in our country.  They vow to work against the maltreatment of Black women in their own personal lives as well as in the community at large.

What’s so sad is that I received America’s nonchalance about this whole issue being primarily due to the fact that the young girl was Black.  It was like the perception was that since she is Black she must have wanted what she received…once again, the over-sexed Black woman stereotype working against us in the court of public opinion and in the real court itself.  If the young girl on the tape was White, R. Kelly would have been under the jail about 5 or 6 years ago.

Check out the petition here.  Check out the story of the acquittal here [ABC NEWS].


9 Responses to “Black Men Against R. Kelly and the Exploitation of Black Women”

  1. Noli! Listening to his music on a burned CD is the same as buying it, because it gives him props! Someone could hear you pumping his jam, decide they like it and go buy it! Or when you’re dancing to him up in the club, the DJ sees how quickly you and others move to the floor when he plays Kelly’s songs and continues to play them! You cannot hlep spread his fan base. I’m so glad you won’t listen to him anymore. If it ever gets difficult to go cold turkey on the Kelly, here’s the cure: the next time you hear him singing about bumping and grinding, imagine his 40 year old ass bumping and grinding on your 11 year old daughter. Cuz young girls are what he has in mind when he writes his songs.

    I agree with everything you said in your post. Parents, watch your kids as long as R. Kelly is on the loose!

  2. protect the children Says:

    Dont support Robert and dont by his music. It is a tragedy that he got off in a court of law but we still have power to stop lining his pockets with our cash. The man needs a serious intervention and will continue to carry on as if he did nothing wrong if we keep supporting his work. I cant deny that R kelly the musician is a musical genius but the man Robert Kelly is sick and true fans would want to see him get treatment for his long standing problems. Perhaps if we send a message that we will no longer make him rich he will fall on his face and finally see the light and get help. As for the people who will call me a hater go ahead but it is a fact that the man is a child abuser who has group sex with children.

  3. clara jones Says:

    You negroes are so pathetic these days with your attempts to police entertainers it is unreal. Does the klan pay you fools to destroy your own people. Your granddaddy married your grandma when she was 13, and almost everyone of his generation married girls entering puberty so we come from a nation of child molesters according to you. Their was no complaining witness fool. No harm was done fool.

    All these serious problems we have and you pathetic excuse for human beings spend your time trying to bring down a talented man who is taking care of black women, when he could be taking care of white ones, and raising a strong black family. That’s why all these successful guys are marrying white these days. They are the truly irresponsible men in the black community but fools like you will never discuss the issue of passing wealth back into the hands of whites. I and all of R. Kelly fans intend to keep making him a million dollars seller.

  4. Jasmine Brown Says:

    I am going to go out and buy every copy of My brother R. Kelly C.D. just to counter another attack on our black men.

  5. Fiona Matthews Says:

    I love Robert Kelly and always will.

  6. jeantee peoples Says:

    R KELLY – THE WORLD’S GREATEST! I know all of the stress he’s been under is going to make him come out super strong like T.I. with his new cut.

  7. Mollie Brown Says:

    Instead of attacking an american black man who has hurt no one, you should be addressing the important issue below.

    Lisa Raye married the King of the Cow Pastor, AKA Premier Misick, right in the height of Terri McMillan’s revelation that she was so voodooed she couldn’t recognize a gay man for more than 10 years. EVERYONE who has any experience with island american-hating users, knew she’d end up just like Terri or worse. Their jealousy of americans leads them to make a farce out of marriage, and not only that, to destroy the spouse victim.

    Americans need to wake up and understand that all black people are not our people. How many women do we need to have destroyed to WAKE UP, to american haters, who pretend to love only for profit. He married her to ONLY attract hollywood money to that pathetic island, controlled by white britains, who really have the power.

    And he married her to get whatever money she had! Fancy titles don’t always equate to money. He REALLY wanted oprah’s money, but apparently she has people around her to protect her better than Lisa.

    Every time one of these caribbean low lifes destroys a black american woman in the public eye, they do something drastic to restore their image. That was another reason he married Lisa in such a BIG TV splash. Black americans spend a lot of money down in that caribbean, AND WE SHOULD BE BOYCOTTING THEM FOR CRIMES AGAINST BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN. IF WE STOP GOING THERE SPENDING OUR MONEY, THEY WON’T HAVE THE MEANS TO COME TO THE STATES TO VICTIMIZE US WITH LOVE AND GREENCARDS SCAMS.

    Lisa’s only crime was letting him encourage her to get on TV to encourage other black american women to come down there to be victimized. For that she is going to pay a heavy price. He never had anything, so she’ll get nothing, and since he is a lawyer on his home turf with american haters, they’ll make sure not only do they get all her money, but her health, career, and happiness as well. THAT MY FRIEND IS PURE EVIL IN ITS WORST FORM.

    Its a shame that her best friends Duane and Tisha even had their reputations tarnised by american haters. Jasmine Guy apparently sufferd as well. When evil haters are in your life, you have no way to go but down.

    It is possible that Lisa can recover to some extent, but she’ll never be the same. Chelation therapy could possibly get the voodoo out of her bloodstream and restore her nerves/mental health. She’ll need a lot of support.

    I wish you would consider discussing this important issue. Black women are being destroyed, and some black men. These are human rights violations that need to be voiced and addressed, and not ignored for the sake of appearing to have a black unity that doesn’t exist. Every one seems to be in touch with this reality except black americans and it is putting us at a disadvantage, and conributing to the destruction of black american women.

  8. I am a fan of R. Kelly, and I will CONTINUE to buy his music regardless to whoever the f*** people would say. Kevin Powell needs to go somewhere and sit down. Bfore he and the rest of the haters bashing on Kellz, you need to LOOK BEYOND YOUR OWN FAULTS before you look beyond someone else’s. How in the h*** Kevin Powell had the nerve to start a petition about Kellz and his trial’s verdict? They need to start a petition on him because that man (Kevin Powell) has a history of BEATING ON NUMEROUS OF BLACK WOMEN! No, no famous ones, now. His a** was kicked out of Rutgers University for beating one a black women, plus, he was arrested for beating on his ex-girlfriend (a different one). Yes, she is black. He need to shut up, get over it, and leave people alone. Old punk!

  9. Just keeping it real Says:

    This is really a sad case in every aspect of it. Whether R. Kelly is an entertainer or a short order cook, the law has it that an individual who has sex with a minor is a sexual predator and should register as a sex offender.

    The mind set of young woman today are so anxious to become women they miss the whole concept of becoming a woman. Why would a young woman want to be controlled by all the wrong things in society? The distorted view that some men have regarding women such as R. Kelly has only manifest itself into something that is ugly, cruel, violent and is not of God. Women always want to be treated right and with respect, well what are you showing when you step out of your homes of how you want to be treated? What is in your attitude about yourself? Listen, especially young black women……Know Your Worth.

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