CNN’s “Black in America” Series

Make sure that you don’t miss CNN’s “Black in America” shows this week.  On Wednesday, July 23rd,  the focus will be on “The Black Woman and Family”, and on Thursday, July 24th, it will be on “The Black Man.”  Both shows start at 9pm EST.  Also, try to catch the repeat of the “Black in America” panel discussion done at the Essence Festival entitled “Realizing the Dream”.  You can check out the CNN Black in America webpage here.   The “Black in America” series is hosted by Soledad O’Brien, who is a Black Superwoman!

**Check out my commentary on “The Black Woman and Family” here and “The Black Man” here.


5 Responses to “CNN’s “Black in America” Series”

  1. I am soooooooooooooooooo tired of hearing about the poor black man/woman. Nothing ever changes. Clowns like the self-proclaimed Rev.’s Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, etc. etc. etc. constantly and consistently blame the white man for all the ill’s in the black community, as do a huge number of blacks in general.

    One thing I will agree with Sen. Obama on is that blacks need to stop blaming and complaining and start taking more RESPONSIBILITY for their own situtations. I live in Washington DC and have a brother who is a police officer in the city and has been assigned to the Trinidad section of the city because of the black on black violence and murders. The blacks whine and moan about being stopped and asked what business they have when coming in to that part of town, scream racial profiling, etc., but once the police leave they whine over and over again about the lack of police in the community.

    The black community constantly blames others in the community for black on black crime. I say put up or shut up. The black community needs to start being held responsible, being better mothers, fathers, citizens, brothes and sisters, rather than blaming EVERYONE ELSE for their situtations. If things keep going on as they are, the black community will eventually wipe itself out and who are they going to blame then?

    Should Oama become the next president, no longer will those circus clowns and “black leaders” like Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, etc., be able to use the excuse any longer that the white man is holding them back.

    GOD FORBID, the Rev.’s would actually have to get a REAL JOBS and that must terrify them. Even Jackson refers to blacks as niggers, talks about ripping Obama’s balls off, and the black community just sits by silently, with the exception of very few.

    Had it been a white man who made those statements we would see the black community rioting in the streets, acting like animals destroying their own communities and blaming the WHITE MAN! TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

    If CNN wants to do a story about discrimination, violence, bigotry, then perhaps they might want to consider doing a series on being a white and gay in America, but I won’t hold my breath!

  2. Being that this is CNN, I don’t expect my comment to be posted.

    Perhaps CNN should consider writing for the tabloids.

  3. noli sams Says:

    Sir, I’m not sure that you’re clear about what the “Blacks in America” series is about. Maybe you should go to CNN’s website and read about it before you pass judgement.

    Additionally, if you don’t understand the history of the country and Black Americans’ place in it, you won’t have an understanding of what Black America is experiencing at this time. Maybe an extensive study of American history and the contributions of Black Americans will be helpful to you.

  4. I am really looking forward to watching this series. Soledad is a good journalist and always gives excellent coverage. She is live!

  5. Gwendolyn Says:

    I really feel sorry for “Tony”, ………..if that is his real name. I agree with you that white gay males, or gays period have a very difficult time in our Society. However, please do not dismiss the fact that there is an entire race of people who had a rocky beginning, in America and the truth of the matter is, we are still not accepted. So, please don’t look to judge. You appear to be a sensible person, read and research before you speak. If you want to have a sensible dialogue we can.

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