We’re Shrinking

Courtesy of washingtonpost.com

Courtesy of washingtonpost.com

An economist named John Komlos did a study regarding the correlation between standards of living and body size that will be released by NHANES.  Supposedly, everyone is getting taller…but Black women who are getting SHORTER.  We average 5’4″ now, but in the 1960’s we averaged 5’5″.  Generally, mankind gets taller with each generation unless there is “war or famine.”  White women are getting taller, so why are we shrinking?

Komlos believes it is tied in some way to our high rate of obesity…I think it also may be due to high stress and/or socioeconomic conditions.  Let’s get it together ladies… [washingtonpost.com]


3 Responses to “We’re Shrinking”

  1. thewhatifgirl Says:

    I’ve read physical anthropology reports about the correlation between the nutrition of a population and their height, so I’m impressed that an economist did this but definitely believe it. There is also the factor in this country that the rate of poverty is so high amongst blacks while the food that is cheap is seriously lacking in some important nutritional factors. Doesn’t diabetes inflict black people at higher rates than other races?

  2. Could there another cause perhaps?

    My first reaction was: immigration. The Black population int he 1950s would consist of mostly African Americans — people who have lived on the North American continent and had ready supplies of large protein at hand for one-to-four centuries depending on the family (or individual). In the 2000s the Black population includes people from all continents including Africa. I’m Nigerian (born in TX) and at 5’4″ I’m 2+ inches taller than my mother and much taller than my grandmother. Perhaps, things that migration of vegetarian diets are in play. I often believe that the less sinister theory is most-likely the correct one. Of course, I can’t say for sure.

  3. Diet plays a big part in race and genetics.

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