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If You Don’t Have It, You Need to Just Go Ahead And Get This!!

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Even if you have a man, you need this book.  Even if you think everything is perfect with your man, you need this book…even if just for entertainment because Steve is CRAZY!  Honestly, he serves up old school rules in a different way…and we need to hear it because we have been ignoring what our Mama’s and Grandmama’s have been saying.  We gotta stop settling for men that don’t really want us or want to use us and wait for the man that will love us unconditionally and treat us with respect.  In order to be able to discern between them, you need Steve’s book!  Let me know what you think about it….


President Obama Appoints First African American to Head the EPA

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Lisa P. Jackson is the first African American to be appointed as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.  She started working for the EPA in 1986, and eventually joined the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, where she was named Commissioner.  After being appointed by President Obama as the Administrator of the EPA, she was confirmed unanimously in the Senate.  She will be the fourth woman and second person from New Jersey to serve as Administrator.  Sisters are DOING IT! [wikipedia]

Diddy’s Black Self Don’t Like Black Girls?!

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Sean Combs and Ciroc

So, last week Imperative Talent Management sent out a casting call for women to appear in a new Ciroc advertisement with Diddy…and they said they only wanted to women of the following races:  “White, Hispanic, or Light Skinned African American.”  Diddy supposedly organized this casting call.  Ciroc released a statement saying that they were not aware of the “inappropriate and offensive casting call” and they in no way condone such practices.  Essentially, they are trying to stay far away from this discriminatory BS cuz they know it’s not cool with a Black woman in the White House.  For real, Diddy, your mama Janice is brown, your baby mama is brown, and you SURELY are brown…so what’s the problem?!  [hello beautiful]