Diddy’s Black Self Don’t Like Black Girls?!

Sean Combs and Ciroc

So, last week Imperative Talent Management sent out a casting call for women to appear in a new Ciroc advertisement with Diddy…and they said they only wanted to women of the following races:  “White, Hispanic, or Light Skinned African American.”  Diddy supposedly organized this casting call.  Ciroc released a statement saying that they were not aware of the “inappropriate and offensive casting call” and they in no way condone such practices.  Essentially, they are trying to stay far away from this discriminatory BS cuz they know it’s not cool with a Black woman in the White House.  For real, Diddy, your mama Janice is brown, your baby mama is brown, and you SURELY are brown…so what’s the problem?!  [hello beautiful]


9 Responses to “Diddy’s Black Self Don’t Like Black Girls?!”

  1. How would Diddy have anything do with a random casting call in Atlanta???? He’s too busy to be setting up random events that happen to say Ciroc on them. Ciroc and Diddy had nothing to do with this whatsover — it’s fake!! Have you seen his old ads for Ciroc?? Women of ALL shades.

  2. Isn’t it obvious that there is intra-racism in our community? No one is blind to the fact that the diversity of the African American woman is not shown by the media. African American women need to withhold their dollars and maybe these type of men will get the message, it is because of them that these men are living well. Don’t spend a dime with men who do not respect you or your imagery.

  3. Why are we shocked at this? I mean it is OLD NEWS that as far as the media, BET and nearly every music video out there (not just rappers but most R&B singers as well) prefer them to be if not White then light, bright and almost! African Americans love to pay lip service to Black is Beautiful and all of that…but the bottom line is that when we “make it” or our mental image of success does NOT include the brown skinned Black American…

    unless you are Barack Obama of course!

  4. Fantastique Says:

    Hey, hey, hey!! On more occasions than I can count, I seen and heard women do the same thing. Its not just the guys.

  5. Why did everyone freak out about this and how is it offensive? It is a CASTING CALL looking for a specific types of people. When I see a casting for 5’9″ and up, I move on, I don’t start a ruckus about how they are discriminating against short people. When I see a casting call and they are looking for “African American” women, I move on, I don’t freak out and call them racist or get offended.

    If Diddy wanted light skinned girls, so be it, but like Jenn said, it probably had nothing to do with HIM.

  6. seriously, who cares? overly sensitive a.a’s need to GET OVER it!
    Its a businesss decision on HIS part–if its even true or not.
    Its business people!!
    I worked for a dating service and every a.a perferred one to another. Meaning “i’d prefer to date someone of darker skin,” or lighter”.
    A.A’sdo it to themselves 100%! prejudice is so more apparent within a.a race than any other. God Bless a successfull light skin black women. hell… she gets its from both sides. good grief people.
    Its all brought on by a.a’s opinions only. Goodness, A.a’s create it ALL amongst themselves ! Don’t ya just get tired of it- perpetuating same ole crap. Wanting to be seen as separate with BET, Black miss American- etc.. and when a.a’s are seen as separate from others, ya just scratch their head’s iand now everyone’s racist? No wonder other races have comments to make! They get it from you. I don’t ever expect for some people to get this , it just won’t ever happen. Time will tell. a long time… I have no further reponse have a nice day 🙂
    Team Bill Cosby

  7. We are programmed to believe white women, hispanic and light-skinned blackwomen (Mixted women) etc. are beautiflul, that is why that type of woman is in the public eye. Black people and the like , complain when a african american woman (Black skinned, african features) are models etc. you say she’s ugly. that is the plan truth. It’s time that we stop with the thinking. (Deprogrammed).

    A real Black Woman-

  8. Luis A Moreta Says:

    His kids sure look Black to me.

  9. BET itself is nothing more than a sad hateful depiction of what African American culture is and what it can be. I for one don’t date white women. I’ll date a Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, or Asian before I date a white woman. As for being mixed I don’t really care. Color I don’t really care about. Hispanics and Middle Eastern and some Native Americans are Black and if not we have similar cultures and histories. I believe non white peoples are beautiful no matter there color and its time we stop this. Most of the Black news sites are stupid and make it seem like we can’t handle our own issues. As for Rap and Hip hop. It’s time these sorry ass rappers take responsibility for themselves and what they say. don’t glorify drugs and gang banging. Pull up your fucking pants and get a education. Stop blaming whites for every problem we have. Yeah white people may have bought drugs to the black community. But we don’t have to buy it, just say no. And believe it or not it’s not the white man who is our biggest enemy, the Jew’s have gotten rich off us years and this goes back to slavery. If anything most whites have tired to help us. Other then the Jew’s we ourselves are our biggest enemy. As for slavery EVERY race of people were slaves at some point GET OVER IT. I tell Jew’s EVERY one had a holocaust GET OVER IT and move on.

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