The Black Superwoman’s Code!

Black Superwomen live by “The Code”…because we love ourselves and we love each other!  The Code sets forth values, principles and standards to guide a progressive you through life!  Follow The Code, watch your life change and see your authentic self emerge…you Black Superwoman you! 


Black Superwomen create their own standard of beauty, and are unaffected by the standards set by others.

Black Superwomen don’t date men that are married, have girlfriends, or are emotionally unavailable.

Black Superwomen don’t share their bodies with men that do not love, honor or respect them and are not worthy.

Black Superwomen always demand HIV tests in advance if they determine that they are going to share their bodies with someone, and also use condoms and other forms of birth control.

Black Superwomen act like ladies and expect to be treated as such.

Black Superwomen put themselves and their happiness first (not to the detriment of others).

Black Superwomen acknowledge other Black Superwomen when they see them or walk past them with a word or a nod.

Black Superwomen support all women and treat all women as their sisters.

Black Superwomen support Black Supermen in all that they do as individuals and as a collective group.

Black Superwomen support the Black community by participating regularly in community service activites.

Black Superwomen are constantly developing their spiritual selves by furthering their relationship with the higher power in which they believe through regular prayer and meditation. 

Black Superwomen get regular check ups and visit the dentist regularly because they realize that their health matters.

Black Superwomen eat well balanced meals, limit their portions, drink lots of water, and stay away from fatty foods and sugar.

Black Superwomen exercise regularly each week, and know that cardiovascular activity is a key to maintaining good health.

Black Superwomen always present well, being well groomed, wearing clothes that fit properly, are flattering, and age appropriate.

Black Superwomen don’t spend money frivolously, and save and invest in accordance with their financial plan.

Black Superwomen are always striving to learn something new, and occasionally take classes covering subjects in which they are interested in personally or professionally.

Black Superwomen strive to achieve in their careers, but also make it a point to help others who are more junior with their career development.

Black Superwomen realize that they control their own destiny, and if they fall, they get back up, dust themselves off, and keep it moving!

Black Superwomen pass on the legacy and knowledge to their daughters and other young sisters that they come in contact with who are Black-Superwomen-in-Training. (added by Muriel)

If you’re a Black Superwoman, pass this along to other Black Superwomen you know!  If there is something that you think we’ve left off the list, send it to me at


2 Responses to “The Black Superwoman’s Code!”

  1. Jessica Dennison Says:

    WOW!! I am so pleased that I found this site! Impressive!

  2. When I was growing up, it was simply called being a lady. So many of our people have gotten away from that. I am 50 years old with a 7 year old daughter. (Yes, I was married and she was planned. LOL) She is being raised to be a lady in the truest sense.

    Also, I am so happy to see Michelle Obama make the way we superwomen dress popular and fashionable again (classy & age apporpriate).

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