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Beyonce’s New Album Cover?!

Posted in Entertainment, Music with tags , , on October 21, 2008 by Noli

Supposedly this is the cover of Beyonce’s new album, which will be a 2 cd set entitled “I Am Beyonce, I am Sasha Fierce.”  She looks GREAT!!! []


Beyonce Talks About Marriage to Jay Z for the First Time!

Posted in Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, Love and Relationships, Music with tags , , , on October 19, 2008 by Noli

Beyonce is featured in the November 2008 issue of Essence that just hit newstands.  For the first time, she supposedly talks about her marriage to Jay Z and how real their relationship is.  I’m trying to figure out why she took so long to talk about it…we all knew they got married a while ago!  Definitely pick up Essence this month so you can get the scoop!

MOMO Rocks Africa Rising

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Alek Wek Wearing MOMO

Alek Wek Wearing MOMO

The Africa Rising Celebration in Washington DC on August 1, 2008 at the Kennedy Center was AWESOME.  Started in 2006 by Nduka Obaigbena and “This Day”, a Nigerian newspaper, Africa Rising is a celebration of Africa featuring fashion and music.  Jay Z and John Legend surprised the crowd with full concerts!  I was also pleasantly surprised to see a fashion show featuring the MOMO couture line by Nigerian fashion designer Fati Asibelua.  Her pieces were effortlessly modern with a soulful edge…I couldn’t get enough!  I need a MOMO dress!!

New L’oreal Advertisement …Is that Beyonce??

Posted in Fashion and Beauty, Music, Race and Culture with tags , , , on August 6, 2008 by Noli

So there seems to be some controversy about L’oreal airbrushing this photo of Beyonce to death and also lightening her skin.  The girl is beautiful as is…wonder what made them think they needed to make her less ethnic looking this time around to have a decent ad?  If I recall, the older L’Oreal ads actually looked like Beyonce.  This doesn’t look like her!  I don’t like it one bit.

Dissing Dark Skinned Superwomen?

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Yung Berg, the MC from Chicago that had that “Sexy Lady” song, recently stated in a radio interview that he “is racist” and doesn’t like dark skinned women.  He specifically referred to them as “dark butts”, and used the term repeatedly to describe dark skinned women.  He also took it one step further and said that he gives women the pool test…they should be able to jump in and look better when they come out wet than when they went in…clearly referring to a preference for “wash and wear hair.”  We know most Black women have perms.

He made an apology via youtube and said that he likes all women.  I’m thinking he realized that women buy his music, not men.  Men think he’s WACK.  Surprisingly, it turns out that his own mother is dark skinned, and so is his child’s mother, who recently released a statement saying after he got some name recognition he said he didn’t like Black women at all because they are ugly, fat, and ghetto.  He owes her about $30k in child support.

Ladies, let’s make sure that we don’t buy this boy’s albums and don’t even party to his jams. He is RIDICULOUS.

Black Men Against R. Kelly and the Exploitation of Black Women

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R. Kelly, who many of us saw on the infamous “tape” having sex with a young girl so young she had no pubic hair, was acquitted of child pornography in Cook County, Illinois by a jury of his “peers”.  Not sure why he was acquitted, but I think it was because they couldn’t be certain that the young lady was the lady on the tape and she refused to testitfy…but Kelly is now roaming free to victimize someone else’s child.  African Americans are not too pleased about this, but we are still partying and stepping to every R. Kelly song when it is played in a party and are still buying his music (which is some of the best soul music of all time I might add)!!  I had to declare once the tape came out that I would NEVER buy his music again…and over the years, people have slipped me burned copies of CDs so I could still have some jams.  That stops NOW.

A group of Black male writers, including Kevin Powell and William Jelani Cobb, decided it was time to take a stand and started a petition against the exploitation of Black women.  By signing the petition, Black men state their disdain for the R.Kelly acquittal and how Black women are treated in our country.  They vow to work against the maltreatment of Black women in their own personal lives as well as in the community at large.

What’s so sad is that I received America’s nonchalance about this whole issue being primarily due to the fact that the young girl was Black.  It was like the perception was that since she is Black she must have wanted what she received…once again, the over-sexed Black woman stereotype working against us in the court of public opinion and in the real court itself.  If the young girl on the tape was White, R. Kelly would have been under the jail about 5 or 6 years ago.

Check out the petition here.  Check out the story of the acquittal here [ABC NEWS].

Star Spangled Banner or Lift Every Voice?

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Jazz singer Rene Marie was asked to perform the National Anthem, or Star Spangled Banner, at Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s Annual State of the City Address. She didn’t sing the Star Spangled Banner, though…Miss Rene Marie sang the words of the Black National Anthem, Lift Every Voice, to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner!  The crowd was stunned, and when asked why she sang Lift Every Voice, she said that she wanted to show how she felt as a Black woman in America.  Supposedly, she had not forewarned anyone in advance that she was going to change the words.  I’m all for artistic expression, and think that she was definitely expressing herself in an artistic way by doing this.  I saw the tape on the news and it was a beautiful rendition of Lift Every Voice.  I just hope that this doesn’t turn into a “Black folks think they are uppity now that Obama is the nominee and if we elect him they are going to be uncontollable” moment.  I like it when we go buck, but I don’t want Obama to lose votes because the masses get scared of a potential slave uprising.  [Colorado 9 News]