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So it seems that “Republican women” are mad because Oprah won’t have Palin on her show and have called for a boycott of the Oprah Winfrey show that started on September 8th (yeah, I’m late!).  Give me a break!  First off, Oprah endorsed Obama in 2007…and later said that she would not have ANY presidential candidate on her program during the election…but would have them on AFTER the election.  Though Barack and Michelle Obama have been on her show before, it was NOT during the actual presidential election that is going on now.  That means no Barack, no McCain, no Biden trying to utilize her program as a political platform during the election.  Sorry “Republican women”…but that means Palin, too!


Tyra’s Toast to the Black Issue of Italian Vogue

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Yesterday, Tyra did an entire show dedicated to celebrating the Black models that were in the ALL Black issue of Italian Vogue (of which I have TWO copies!).  Supposedly it is the highest selling issue ever and they are currently on their third printing!  Toccarra, who was discovered on Tyra’s show America’s Next Top Model had a 14 page spread in the magazine!  Toccarra was on the show, along with Selita Eubanks, Beverly Johnson, B. Smith, Veronica Webb, Chanel Iman, Noemie Lenoir, and Jessica White, among others.  There were SO many beautiful Black women on the stage…every hue, every size…it just confirmed to me how stunningly beautiful we are!!! 

Tyra as Michelle Obama

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Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Tyra did a fashion editorial for Harper’s Bazaar where she posed Michelle Obama as the first lady of the United States.  Tyra looks phenomenal, and this man that’s supposed to be Barack is HOT! If come November they are the President and First Lady, we will have really come up!

BET Dissing Black Female Hosts?

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Sharon Carpenter, BET News

So I hear that BET executives don’t think Black women are “marketable” as hosts and won’t be hiring Black women as hosts going forward. 

What the ….???!!! 

Supposedly BET has hired Sharon Carpenter, who is half Indian and half White, to work with BET News.  Rocsi, who is Dominican, is doing 106 and Park (and building up a horrible repuation), and Julissa, who is Puerto Rican and was on BET occasionally, has moved over to MTV.  None of them are BLACK….you know, like us…regular African- American women. Sharon Carpenter has supposedly been talking about how BET doesn’t want Black women as hosts anymore, which is why they were so pressed to get her.

What I know is that young Black girls need to see role models that look like them hosting those shows.  They are already seeing women that look like them pop their coochies in all the videos on BET…can we get them at least a decent host to identify with? 

For real, I still need FREE!  She was a very positive Black female role model and a fabulous host. If BET doesn’t think Black women are marketable as hosts, it’s very disappointing.  As difficult as it is for Black women to get on-air jobs, I wouldn’t think that a seemingly Black network would not discriminate against us. Ol’ Massah (Viacom) definitely has to be in on this one. [The Insider]

MOMO Rocks Africa Rising

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Alek Wek Wearing MOMO

Alek Wek Wearing MOMO

The Africa Rising Celebration in Washington DC on August 1, 2008 at the Kennedy Center was AWESOME.  Started in 2006 by Nduka Obaigbena and “This Day”, a Nigerian newspaper, Africa Rising is a celebration of Africa featuring fashion and music.  Jay Z and John Legend surprised the crowd with full concerts!  I was also pleasantly surprised to see a fashion show featuring the MOMO couture line by Nigerian fashion designer Fati Asibelua.  Her pieces were effortlessly modern with a soulful edge…I couldn’t get enough!  I need a MOMO dress!!

New L’oreal Advertisement …Is that Beyonce??

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So there seems to be some controversy about L’oreal airbrushing this photo of Beyonce to death and also lightening her skin.  The girl is beautiful as is…wonder what made them think they needed to make her less ethnic looking this time around to have a decent ad?  If I recall, the older L’Oreal ads actually looked like Beyonce.  This doesn’t look like her!  I don’t like it one bit.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Coming Soon to Bravo

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I saw the preview of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Bravo on July 30th, and it was such a treat!  Still the same cattiness and drama of Real Housewives of Orange Country and New York City, but with a little extra flavor.  The characters are as follows:

DeShawn Snow:  married to Eric Snow of the Cleveland Cavaliers;  Kim Zolciak:  single mother and only White cast member; aspiring country singer that is supposed to work with Dallas Austin; Lisa Wu Hartrell:  successful real estate mogul and jewelry maker, married to ex NFL player Ed Hartwell; NeNe Leakes:  married to a real estate investor, and founder of The Twisted Hearts, which is a foundation focused on domestic violence; and Sheree Whitfied:  a single mother that started a clothing line called “She by Sheree”. 

These chicks have REAL money…so you KNOW this is going to be an entertaining show!  No premiere date has been revealed yet, but I cannot wait!!!