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The New Yorker Cover – Satire or Just Plain Stank?

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You know I like the New Yorker and will pick it up from time to time, but Lord, what in the world were they thinking?  I’m the first to be down with creative license, and I totally understand satire, which is what the artist said he was doing when he created this work to go along with a pro-Obama article that was included in the magazine.  He said he was just calling attention to how the media has attached the Obama’s since the primaries.  Didn’t the Editor know that the average American would not get that this was satire, especially since it doesn’t even have a heading which would indicate such?  I’m thinking they purposely knew how it would be received and used the cover intentionally in hopes of selling more mags.  I won’t be buying it.

What’s VERY troubling to me about the picture, in addition to the terrorist and Muslim depictions, is the return of the attitudinal angry Black woman stereotype via Michelle’s tooted up lips, big afro, and AK 47!  I’m realizing more and more every day that media is purposely utilizing the negative stereotypes of Black women to hurt Michelle Obama and ultimately Barack.  Let’s not forget, in addition to being an angry Black woman, she’s a “baby mama”!


Michelle Obama Is A “Baby Mama”?

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Michelle Obama got attacked by the media last week…and of course, it was our “friends” at Fox News leading the way.  By continuously calling our girl Michelle a “baby mama, ” they have once again disrespected Michelle, disrespected Black women, and shown how racist and out of touch they are.  Since Michelle is married, she doesn’t quite fit the “baby mama” title, and how dare they even try to use racist stereotypes against our future first lady?  As my friend Kari said, I’m just sick and tired of them even trying to use our lingo to sound cool while race bashing.  Fox News, give it a rest!

E.D. Hill of Fox News also called the fist tap between Michelle and Barack before he did the speech where he declared that he was the presumptive democratic nominee a “Terrorist Fist Jab”.  Lady, SHUT UP!  It’s giving dap…it can take the form of a fist tap, a hand slap, a high five…it’s no different from the giving dap that regular people do on a daily basis…it has nothing to do with terrorism.  Do you even watch television? Are you so out of touch that you didn’t know, or is this just another way to equate Michelle and Barack with Islam and terrorism? 

Michelle is supposed to be co-hosting an episode of “The View” this week. I can’t wait to see what she says!  Also, go to  It’s a site that Obama’s folks put up to dispell the rumors and lies that are being put out to rip Obama. [SF GATE]