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The Four Mistakes Black Superwomen Make?!

Posted in Love and Relationships, Spirituality with tags , , , , , , on October 19, 2008 by Noli

Pastor Patrick Shaffer from Chicago’s City of Faith Christian Church is featured in the October/November 2008 issue of Being Single Magazine.  He’s a bit of an anomaly because he doesn’t preach abstinence only…he says that his congregation includes a lot of single women and that’s just not realistic with the amount of HIV/AIDs issues in the Black community.  Finally someone that is acknowleding what’s REALLY going on out here!  Regarding relationships, he says that there are four mistakes that most Black women make:

1.  We think that getting a man is the answer to all of our problems.

2.  We give up too much too soon (from sex…to money…to the key to our heart).

3.  We get involved with men that are not equally yoked and try to change them. (I’ve done this numerous times!)

4.  We have low self esteem and don’t see our own value, which leads to poor choices and relationship issues.

AMEN.  This brother knows what’s up.  I think that these are all things we have heard before, but hearing them coming from a pastor (and a young one at that) feels a little different.  I’d like to spend a Sunday morning at his church!  Check out Pastor Patrick’s blog at  []


Dissing Dark Skinned Superwomen?

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Yung Berg, the MC from Chicago that had that “Sexy Lady” song, recently stated in a radio interview that he “is racist” and doesn’t like dark skinned women.  He specifically referred to them as “dark butts”, and used the term repeatedly to describe dark skinned women.  He also took it one step further and said that he gives women the pool test…they should be able to jump in and look better when they come out wet than when they went in…clearly referring to a preference for “wash and wear hair.”  We know most Black women have perms.

He made an apology via youtube and said that he likes all women.  I’m thinking he realized that women buy his music, not men.  Men think he’s WACK.  Surprisingly, it turns out that his own mother is dark skinned, and so is his child’s mother, who recently released a statement saying after he got some name recognition he said he didn’t like Black women at all because they are ugly, fat, and ghetto.  He owes her about $30k in child support.

Ladies, let’s make sure that we don’t buy this boy’s albums and don’t even party to his jams. He is RIDICULOUS.

Black Buying Power Addressed at Rainbow Push Coalition Conference

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Did you know that Black folks have $800 billion in buying power? That’s what was reported at the Rainbow Push Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund’s 2008 Conference in Chicago during a panel discussion about how product advertisers are not spending enough advertising dollars with Black media.  Advertisers are now focusing on the Latino market and looking less at the spending power of the Black community.   Panelists at the conference urged African Americans to stop spending their money on products not advertised in Black media and cited to numerous facts…the one that I related to most being that the average African American household spends $204.24 dollars on women’s shoes compared to $142.46 per White household.  You know we love those Jimmy Choo’s! [Chicago Sun-Times]