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Are Black Supermodels Getting Dissed?

Posted in Community, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty with tags , , , , on February 1, 2008 by Noli

Photo courtesy of Christopher Peterson

I just read a very interesting article by Ann Bratskier in Newsday.   Turns out that Black Supermodels have been virtually absent from the runways…most recently at Fashion Week in NYC.  Out of all the fashion shows, about only 1/3 had Black models, and of those some only had ONE!  Designers have been turning to very skinny primarily blond models, which leaves us out. 

Bethann Hardison (Dwayne Wayne’s Mom in real life), who is a Black Superwoman and former Black Supermodel, has organized a few panel discussions where fashion industry professionals talked about the lack of Black models on the runway, and even brought to light to the lack of other minorities on the runway as well.

If the designers don’t know, their consumer base is diverse and they should really try to maintain some diversity in their fashion shows lest they lose their minority customers!