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Ferraro is Trippin’…and It’s Not the First Time!

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Geraldine Ferraro, the first female vp democratic candidate (I believe she ran with Walter Mondale in 1984), said yesterday that Barack Obama wouldn’t be where he is in the race were he not Black.  According to the Baltimore Sun, she said EXACTLY the same thing about Jesse Jackson back when he was running for president.

As a Black American, I am deeply angered by her comments.  Last I checked, being “Black” wasn’t that much of an asset in the United States, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.  If you’re Black, it doesn’t matter how many degrees and how much money you have, YOU STILL GET FOLLOWED AROUND IN NORDSTROM LIKE YOU ARE A THIEF.  I doubt it’s any different on the campaign trail…since had Obama been behind in delegates, there wouldn’t even be a conversation about re-votes in Michigan and Florida…and the lack of that conversation would be BECAUSE HE’S BLACK.

I, like most Black Superwomen, sometimes get clouded because I think that gender actually bonds women together and that White women would be more sensitive to our issues because we are “sisters.”  It may sometimes, but what I’ve realized is that when “power” is at issue, our White sisters will abandon us without a moment’s notice.  Based on Hilary’s campaign over the past few weeks, I’m feeling that everything Hilary is anti-Black…and that’s not good.

*Right after I posted this, Ferraro stepped down from her position on Clinton’s finance committee.   This only after she said that her comments were meant to say how great it was that African Americans had come out to support “their candidate”..insinuating that we are the only people voting for him.  What pipe is she smoking?  Last I heard on CNN, Obama was getting votes from the “latte drinkers”….which means White folks, ya dig? 


Puffy Speaks..and I Love It!

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Last night on Making the Band on MTV, Puffy started his discussion about “b*tchassness” once again.  Used previously to describe Robert that wanted be the star of the group but wasn’t performing, and most recently Que that called Audrey  when Danny was out with another girl, “b*tchassness” has been defined on Making the Band as basically acting like a serious b*tch when being b*tchy is not warranted, and carrying b*tch to the point of being whiney, which is not cute.

So, I was quite surprised last night when while watching Making the Band, the show stopped and they said “breaking news”…and Puffy comes on screen saying that there is “b*tchassness” in the Democratic Party, and that young people should not be discouraged and should still remain hopeful.  Based on recent events, this was clearly directed at Hilary Clinton, who has been playing dirty on the political field trying to get the nomination over Obama.  He recognizes that the young voters that have become excited about the political process may abandon it if they think the nomination has been stolen from their candidate.  We are not stupid…we know that the urgency to get Michigan and Florida to count is due to the desperation of the Clinton camp of being behind in delegates and the need to make the case that if this goes to convention, she should win.  Also dirty is Hilary and Bill’s “mention” of Obama as a VP candidate…to put it out to the voters that “look, you can have both of us!”  As Obama has stated, why is the person that is losing the race discussing the person that is winning taking the VP position?  Looks like it should be the other way around.

I applaud Puffy for bringing Hilary’s “b*tchassness” to light.  This is getting real tricky…I was actually a Hilary supporter at first, then decided I was an Obama supporter but still liked Hilary.  Now, because of her “b*tchassness” I don’t like her so much and don’t want her to be my Ms. President.