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The Four Mistakes Black Superwomen Make?!

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Pastor Patrick Shaffer from Chicago’s City of Faith Christian Church is featured in the October/November 2008 issue of Being Single Magazine.  He’s a bit of an anomaly because he doesn’t preach abstinence only…he says that his congregation includes a lot of single women and that’s just not realistic with the amount of HIV/AIDs issues in the Black community.  Finally someone that is acknowleding what’s REALLY going on out here!  Regarding relationships, he says that there are four mistakes that most Black women make:

1.  We think that getting a man is the answer to all of our problems.

2.  We give up too much too soon (from sex…to money…to the key to our heart).

3.  We get involved with men that are not equally yoked and try to change them. (I’ve done this numerous times!)

4.  We have low self esteem and don’t see our own value, which leads to poor choices and relationship issues.

AMEN.  This brother knows what’s up.  I think that these are all things we have heard before, but hearing them coming from a pastor (and a young one at that) feels a little different.  I’d like to spend a Sunday morning at his church!  Check out Pastor Patrick’s blog at  []


Meharry Developing “Chemical Condom”

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Photo courtesy of Larry McCormarck, The Tennessean

Photo courtesy of Larry McCormarck, The Tennessean

Dr. James Hilbreth at Meharry Medical College is testing a cream that may be able to block the transmission of HIV.  The cream supposedly removes cholesterol, which is needed for HIV to be transmitted.  This is an important development, especially since Black women are disproportionately affected by HIV and possibly feel ashamed in many cultures to request the use of a condom.  If the cream can be used, women would not even need to make their partners aware of the protection, which may help to decrease the spread of the virus.  This is still being tested, but if the FDA approves it, it may be available as soon as five years from now.  This could save a lot of lives! [The Tennessean]

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

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 February 7, 2008 is the 8th Annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  The National Minority Aids Council’s hope is that it will “increase awareness, participation, and support for HIV prevention, care and treatment among African Americans.”

HIV/AIDS is severely affecting our community more than any other.  Half of all new HIV cases are African Americans.  African Americans are diagnosed with HIV at 10 times the rate of White Americans and 3 times the rate of Latino Americans.  It’s disproportionately affecting African American women, and has become one of the leading causes of death for sisters in the United States.  [See NMAC press release]

Black Superwomen…demand condoms, demand negative HIV tests, and get tested regularly.  You’re worth it.