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Our Sisters Are Bleaching Their Skin

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Skin Bleaching Advertisement

All over the world, there are Black men and women that are bleaching their skin! It may sound kind of strange because we aren’t really doing it here in the States (unless we have some kind of blemish our something).  Well, in other countries,primarily in the Caribbean and other islands and in Africa, skin bleach is a BIG business!  There are brothers and sisters walking around with white faces and black necks, hands, and bodies.  The bleach is damaging to the skin, and many have sores and craters in their faces.  Most are clear about why they bleach…”only light skinned people are successful and desired.”  Oh…I didn’t know.  Hopefully one day we will love ourselves in our Black skin and this bleaching nonsense will cease! Here are a couple of articles I found about the skin bleaching phenomenon in Jamaica….[Jamaica Gleaner] []


Men of ALL Races Subconciously Prefer Lighter Women?!!

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Thandie Newton

Supposedly, a study done at the University of Toronto showed that men of all races subconsciously preferred lighter women, and women of all races preferred darker men.  They determined that aesthetic preferences reflected moral preferences…because men equated lighter skinned women with innocence and purity, and women equated darker skinned men with virility and mystery.   Not sure if this is true or not, but it’s not good for BSW’s, cuz we’re no longer the only options.  I’m thinking it’s best that we not think about this! [The Independent] [Telegraph