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Is America Really Celebrating the Chocolate?

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In a recent Newsweek cover article by Allison Samuels, she said the following about Michelle Obama:

“As my brunch friends and I continued talking about Michelle, our conversation wandered into one area we seldom discuss, even among our families and closest confidantes. Michelle is not only African-American, but brown. Real brown. In an era when beauty is often defined on television, in magazines and in movies as fair or white skin, long straight hair and keen features, Michelle looks nothing like the supermodels who rule the catwalks or the porcelain-faced actresses who hawk must-have cosmetics. Yet now she’s going to grace the March cover of Vogue magazine–the ultimate affirmation of beauty.

 Who and what is beautiful has long been a source of pain, anger and frustration in the African-American community. In too many cases, beauty for black women (and even black men) has meant fair skin, “good hair” and dainty facial features. Over the years, African-American icons like Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Halle Berry and Beyoncé–while beautiful and talented–haven’t exactly represented the diversity of complexions and features of most black women in this country.

 That limited scope has had a profound effect on the self-esteem of many African-American women, including me. “When I see Michelle Obama on the cover of magazines and on TV shows, I think, Wow, look at her and her brown skin,” said Charisse Hollands, a 30-year-old mail carrier from Inglewood, Calif., with flawless ebony skin. “And I don’t mean any disrespect to my sisters who aren’t dark brown, but gee, it’s nice to see a brown girl get some attention and be called beautiful by the world. That just doesn’t happen a lot, and our little girls need to see that–my little girl needs to see it.”

Michelle Obama is truly a representation of all of us.  She’s downhome and regular…she’s educated and sophisticated.  She’s a mother and a wife, a lawyer and an orator.  She’s just as comfortable in a suit as she is in some sweats.  She’s beautiful, she’s brown, and she has a booty (can I get an amen?)  I only have one thing to say…BLACK IS BACK!!!!! [Michael Shaw – Huffington Post]


Mr. President and the First Lady!!

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The First Family!

The First Family!

Not sure why it took me so long to write this…but I think it was because I have been SPEECHLESS ever since Tuesday.  Barack Obama is the President Elect of the United States of America, Michelle Obama is the First Lady, and they along with their daughters will be moving into the White House as the First Family!  Never did I think I would see such a thing..Black folks in the White House (that aren’t cleaning)?!

Aside from being elated that Barack and family happen to be Black…this is SO much bigger than race.  The country…which consisted of all races and classes of people…elected Barack.  He was not elected because he was Black, but rather because he is extraordinary.  He has moved us unlike anyone else has ever moved us, and brought us together in a way that has been unheard of. 

We have all been inspired, and Americans are excited about the idea of change and hope for the future of America.  It’s a little extra special for Black Americans because now we really feel his mantra, “Yes We Can” after such a monumental achievement that has shown us that what we thought was impossible is possible.  That’s why our people were doing the electric slide on Tuesday night in front of the White House and on 125th Street in Harlem…and I’m sure in many other cities in the country.  Black folks ALWAYS break out the electric slide at any celebration…it’s just HOW WE DO!


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So it seems that “Republican women” are mad because Oprah won’t have Palin on her show and have called for a boycott of the Oprah Winfrey show that started on September 8th (yeah, I’m late!).  Give me a break!  First off, Oprah endorsed Obama in 2007…and later said that she would not have ANY presidential candidate on her program during the election…but would have them on AFTER the election.  Though Barack and Michelle Obama have been on her show before, it was NOT during the actual presidential election that is going on now.  That means no Barack, no McCain, no Biden trying to utilize her program as a political platform during the election.  Sorry “Republican women”…but that means Palin, too!

Tyra as Michelle Obama

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Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Tyra did a fashion editorial for Harper’s Bazaar where she posed Michelle Obama as the first lady of the United States.  Tyra looks phenomenal, and this man that’s supposed to be Barack is HOT! If come November they are the President and First Lady, we will have really come up!

Michelle Obama…Pretty in Pink

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So I hear that Michelle Obama is going to be inducted into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. as an honorary member.  THEN, I hear that she is being inducted as a “NON-EXCLUSIVE” honorary member, meaning she can join other sororities if she wants.


I’m in a sorority (oo-oop), and I don’t know anything about a “non-exclusive” membership, honorary or otherwise.  We just don’t do that.  The AKA’s don’t do that, either (or at least not until now).  I’m thinking she was offered honorary membership, accepted, and later decided it needed to be “non-exclusive” for political reasons.  I don’t like it one bit…love Michelle, and am happy for the AKA’s on their centennial, but still don’t get it.  [Chicago Tribune]

The New Yorker Cover – Satire or Just Plain Stank?

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You know I like the New Yorker and will pick it up from time to time, but Lord, what in the world were they thinking?  I’m the first to be down with creative license, and I totally understand satire, which is what the artist said he was doing when he created this work to go along with a pro-Obama article that was included in the magazine.  He said he was just calling attention to how the media has attached the Obama’s since the primaries.  Didn’t the Editor know that the average American would not get that this was satire, especially since it doesn’t even have a heading which would indicate such?  I’m thinking they purposely knew how it would be received and used the cover intentionally in hopes of selling more mags.  I won’t be buying it.

What’s VERY troubling to me about the picture, in addition to the terrorist and Muslim depictions, is the return of the attitudinal angry Black woman stereotype via Michelle’s tooted up lips, big afro, and AK 47!  I’m realizing more and more every day that media is purposely utilizing the negative stereotypes of Black women to hurt Michelle Obama and ultimately Barack.  Let’s not forget, in addition to being an angry Black woman, she’s a “baby mama”!

TV One Access Names Halle Berry the Sexiest BSW Alive!

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TV One Access has named the 16 sexiest Black women alive…with Halle Berry in the number one spot! Also included in the list were Tyra Banks, Alicia Keyes, Michelle Obama, and Paula Patton.  TV One Access’ Sexiest Black Women Alive show will air on July 6th on the TV One cable network.  Check your local listings for times.  *Just my two cents..Halle is the sexiest woman alive…PERIOD.  Black, White, or otherwise…don’t you think?  [Access Hollywood]