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The “P”: The Black Superman’s Kryptonite, Kwame Style!

Posted in Love and Relationships, Politics with tags , on January 25, 2008 by Noli

Courtesy of John T. Greilick / The Detroit News

What makes a Black married man that is Mayor of a major city in the United States, stand up in front of the grand jury and lie about having an intimate relationship with his chief of staff (that is NOT his wife), only to be found to have lied later when sexual text messages emerge?  You got it….the “P”.  The Black Superman’s kryptonite!

What was your boy Kwame thinking about?  The messages are definitely extra.  Check out the article in the Detroit News for details.  I mean, we knew he was a freak and there is nothing wrong with that…but aren’t you smart enough to know that your text messages can be retrieved?  You are married and the mayor of a major city for God’s sake!  The text messages insinuating the intimate relationship with the chief of staff are only the half…there are also messages discussing their intent to fire an employee, which was the subject of the whistleblowing case and Kilpatrick had testified under oath that there was no prior intent to fire him.   Needless to say, taxpayers in Detroit are HOT because they are paying for the court costs and the settlement in the amount of 9 million!!  Oh, the “P”…the “P”…kryptonite at its best!  Ladies, know your power and own it! But just don’t use it for evil…capiche?