If You Don’t Have It, You Need to Just Go Ahead And Get This!!


Even if you have a man, you need this book.  Even if you think everything is perfect with your man, you need this book…even if just for entertainment because Steve is CRAZY!  Honestly, he serves up old school rules in a different way…and we need to hear it because we have been ignoring what our Mama’s and Grandmama’s have been saying.  We gotta stop settling for men that don’t really want us or want to use us and wait for the man that will love us unconditionally and treat us with respect.  In order to be able to discern between them, you need Steve’s book!  Let me know what you think about it….


3 Responses to “If You Don’t Have It, You Need to Just Go Ahead And Get This!!”

  1. I found this book to be totally hilarious…and yet completely ON POINT. I wish I had read this 15 years ago! I know that I will be handing it over to my own daughters!

  2. Agree, I was completely entertained. His insight surprised me because I have only thought of him as just a “comedian.” He didn’t say anything that I didn’t already know but he presented the assessments and recommendations in a straight-forward manner that really made me do some inflection regarding the men that I date and why those previous relationships did not work out. Ladies, there is no such thing as perfect man. Everyone has short-comings. Sometimes, you have to look in the mirror and figure out what you are offering and whether the man you want in your life will find it within you!

  3. I love Steve Harvey. His a awesome man. The way he dresses and carries himself as a comedian and a man are beautiful. He’s funny without being to vulgar and self hating nor does he put others down too much. We as a people need to go back to our traditional roots as a people and bring back morals in this society which is sorely lacking.

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