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So it seems that “Republican women” are mad because Oprah won’t have Palin on her show and have called for a boycott of the Oprah Winfrey show that started on September 8th (yeah, I’m late!).  Give me a break!  First off, Oprah endorsed Obama in 2007…and later said that she would not have ANY presidential candidate on her program during the election…but would have them on AFTER the election.  Though Barack and Michelle Obama have been on her show before, it was NOT during the actual presidential election that is going on now.  That means no Barack, no McCain, no Biden trying to utilize her program as a political platform during the election.  Sorry “Republican women”…but that means Palin, too!


Black Enterprise’s Top 25 Moneymakers in Hollywood

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Black Enterprise’s March issue features the top 25 moneymakers in Hollywood!  Topping that list is no other than Oprah Winfrey, the self made billionaire, who made a name for herself as a talkshow host.  She also has a television production company, a satellite radio station, and is launching her own network called “OWN” with Discovery Networks. 

Surprisingly, #2 on the list is Shonda Rhimes (#2), the creator of ABC’s hit show “Grey’s Anatomy”…she must be PAID!  #3 and #4 are Will Smith and Denzel Washington respectively, followed by one of our favorite BSW’s Halle Berry, who is #5. 

BSW’s are making that money! [The Black Report]